Happier Mouth With Apollo E Liquids

Some of the best electronic cigarette brands offer a menthol flavor  and peppermint flavor e liquids but Apollo Ecigs is a cut above the rest.  Apollo ecigs provides a exceptional e-juice. Their flavors jump out and in actual fact tastes comparable to their names that Apollo has given them. Their e-liquids produce a awesome wealthy and abundant watery vapor without losing the caliber of the flavor.  This is why you’ll love all of their juice flavors.  There isn’t any other e-liquid that is comparable to Apollo’s.


One of the best things about Apollo E-Liquids is their own quality recipes are developed using exclusively the very finest USP grade materials. All of their juices are also screened and voted on via a flavor team. They do not put out any new flavors without a full vote via their flavor team and absolutely no flavor moves forward without a unanimous vote.


Some of the best Apollo Ecigs Flavors Include:

Baja Burst: The Baja Burst fusion is described as a tropical fruit flavor having an effervescence making it taste similar to the popular soda. It’s a scrumptious fruit punch with plenty of citrus and loads of vapor. Not too sweet, but enough to fulfill your sweet tooth while leaving you refreshed and simply hooked. This is usually a juice you can vape all day long.



Candy Cane:  Is an Apollo seansonl flavor that rocks your peppermint flavor socks off.


Cherry Limeade:  This flavor is a sweet cherry with a mix of lime.  It’s sweet and sour.


How To Save On Apollo E Liquids

One of the best things about Apollo Ecigs e liquid is that it’s very affordable.  On top of it being a great price you can also save on every purchase by using apollo ecigs coupon codes.  These discount codes can save consumers up to 25% on all future purchases.


How To Find the right Apollo Ecigs Starter Kit

If you are on the hunt for an electronic cigarette to use with your Apollo Ecigs e liquid using Apollo Ecig reviews is the best way to go to try to figure what kit is right for you.  Apollo offers 4 different starter kits to appeal to all e cigarette users.

Apollo Electrnoic Cigarettes are a Unitied States electronic cigarette company that is based out of Northern Cali.  For more information on Apollo products visit ApolloEcigs.com.

Tips For A Cleaner Mouth

5 Tips For A Fresher Mouth

Tips For A Cleaner MouthScrubbing or brushing, using dental floss, and rinsing regularly are the big keys of better oral health, but they’re only a starting point for good oral health. A super clean and awesome mouth requires more than squeezing tooth paste out onto a tooth brush — think about improving your teeth-brushing technique, ditching the everyday soda habit, and putting an end to smoking tobacco cigarettes or at least switch to a better alternative to tobacco cigarettes.

Tip 1 - Go see your freaking Dentist.  The short of the long with this is most adults in the United States are scared to death of a Dentist.  So their anxiety keeps them away, there are also others that just can not take on the financial burden  of see a Dentist and then there are the people that just don’t care about their oral health at all.  The thing is typically if you go see a Dentist on the regular it’s way cheaper in the long run and safer.

Tip 2 – Can the Soda.  By can I mean stop drinking soda cause it’s really really bad for your teeth.  Soda contains 2 chemicals that eat at your teeth’s enamel.  Phosphoric acid and Citric acid are brutal and will make your enamel softer and more vulnerable to cavities.  The best obvious substitute to Soda is water.

Tip 3 – Pick the right tooth brush bro.  A tooth brush has the life of about 2 to 3 months and should be replaced on the regular.  Soft bristles can cause damage to  teeth and gums.

Tip 4 – Learn to Floss like a Boss.  Like anything else there are good and bad ways to do things and with flossing it’s no different.  Be sure to use proper technique when flossing and this will lead to both healthier gums and teeth.

Tip 5 – Quit smoking cigarettes.  I know this too is common sense but tar is horrible for your teeth.  If you are serous about having a fresher mouth and better oral health in general, kicking a smoking habbit is huge!  Oral cancer is deadly and tobacco chemicals can lead to having oral cancer.  If oral cancer isn’t scary enough the nicotine and tar in cigarette smoke also turn your teeth yellow and eats away at your gums.

Keeping Mouth's Fresher